1. Parking:  please respect the request of our neighbors to the east by not driving or parking on the grass to the left of the gravel drive access we are using.

We have left the first 20+ feet into the garden field unplanted so you can pull in and park there.  There is room for 15 vehicles here. If

you arrive early please consider backing in to park so exiting will be easier.  Beyond the garden sweet corn; soybeans are planted up to

the gravel road.  You may parallel park along the bean field on the gravel road.  There is room for 12 vehicles here.


Exiting:  a sign will be placed just beyond the parking along the gravel road reading “No Garden Traffic Beyond this Point”.  All vehicles

must exit from the same place you pulled in from.


  1. The garden shed will be moved on site by Yoder’s today.  The shed will have a latch and combination lock installed shortly thereafter.

Each volunteer will be given the combination by email.  in the shed we will store some hand tools, 5 gallon buckets for picking, cardboard boxes and tape for packing, cloths for wiping down produce and nylon sacks for sweet corn.  If you open the shed please be sure to lock it up before leaving.


  1. Drip line irrigation is being set up tonight and a water spigot will be put in and available for washing hands and tools off.


  1. We encourage you to bring a water bottle or cold drink.


  1. We may have a port a potty brought to the site, however keep in mind that Family Express is just at the west end of the garden.


  1. We will announce periodic group meeting times to do prep and maintenance prior to the picking season.  These are usually in the evenings or on a Saturday morning.


  1. You are welcome to work in the garden at any time.  We ask that those that come out on their own schedule keep their efforts to weeding, hoeing.  We ask that once picking begins, that it  be only done during our Tuesday and Friday 6PM group time as we have nowhere to store produce and want to deliver it as fresh as possible.


Thanks for volunteering and stay tuned as we work together to feed the hungry in our midst!  Tell and bring a friend!